Swara Nanda, Musician,

Meditation Facilitator

& Spiritual Healer

After leaving a promising career in the music industry, in the early 90's Swara began her journey as a practicing yogi, studying theology and sociology with a variety of different meditation teachers and spiritual guru's.


Over the course of 30 years, Swara has accumulated well over 7,000 hours of meditation practice and has dedicated her musical talents to writing music for sound healing, spiritual transformation and guided group meditations. Over time, Swara has developed unique ways to pass on the ancient wisdoms and claircognizance received through the years of study, devotional service and meditation practice. 


Swara is now an ordained Minister and offers weekly Meditations, Meditation Retreats, Private Healing Sessions, Concerts and Celebrant Services. For more information on these offerings and services please email info@denvermeditationcenter.com or call 303-885-1994


To hear Swara’s music visit: 

Aravi, Volunteer

Often you will see Aravi at Denver Meditation Center offerings. Aravi is a long-time spiritual friend to Swara offers support while Swara facilitates meditations and Retreats. His decades of experience being a meditation facilitator gives special insight to Swara as she holds people through powerful transformational offerings. Read on to hear more about Aravi.


At an early age, Aravi began wondering about and exploring the nature of consciousness and our place in the universe.  This early curiosity began his journey into new thought, mysticism and eastern philosophy and meditation practices.  An early adopter in such things as Arika, Gestalt, Rebirthing, yoga, indigenous mystical journeys, psychedelics and Zen, his pursuit took him to the edges of experience and consciousness.

With the guidance of several teachers, he developed a broad and deep range of knowledge and practices applicable for any situation.  He is known for a deep and calming presence, gentle acceptance with a unique ability to cut through the nonsense of mental chatter, confusion and illusion to cut right to the heart of what one needs to move forward in their spiritual journey.

In the nineties, Aravi led meditations, small groups, and intensive retreats for thousands worldwide.  Pulling back from public life in 2008, he took up organic farming and various small business enterprises.  The relentless call from within to give brings him back to share what he can to help those that want assistance. " It’s all in the journey…”

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For more information on these offerings and services please email info@denvermeditationcenter.com or call 303-885-1994