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Thank you for your interest in presenting with

Denver Meditation Center™

Denver Meditation Center™ is offering these services to facilitate the personal and spiritual well being of its participants. To be a presenter in any of our events, we ask that you agree to the following guidelines and practices:


  • We will not offer any philosophy or practice as a substitute for any medical or psychological services which would otherwise be recommended.

  • We are trans-denominational in nature and no judgement for any path may be expressed which may invalidate the personal calling of any individual who is participating or presenting through our forum or activities.

  • We are apolitical and no endorsement of any political candidate or philosophy will be presented during our events.

  • We strive to disseminate positive and uplifting practices, methods, and outlooks for personal and social growth, negative or destructive attitudes or approaches are not in alignment with our mission.

  • No products or materials will be offered or sold during presentations without express prior approval.

  • Enlighten Up! has permission to record your presentation and rebroadcast without limit.

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