Sharing Circle & Meditation

  • Explore your "Soul Purpose"

  • Increase your Spiritual abilities

  • Activate your energy centers

  • Develop your ability to live in your highest purpose

  • Practice being present

  • Deepen your capacity to be a compassionate empath

Spend some time in compassionate inquiry, exploring deeper topics, saying things we usually don't have space to say in a judge-free zone. All that is required, is a desire to increase your quality of life so you can experience a release of unwanted energies that do not serve you.

Then be immersed in Sound Healing by Yogi-SwaraBass OrbitTravesdyI2C2 Art and Spotted Peccary Music infused with Somatic movement lead by Swara and ending in stillness meditation.

email to register for these events.

Suggested donation: $25


Doing the Work Program

Each Month we will explore different themes in our Sharing Circles and Meditations as well as video lecture series and interviews by Swara with special guests.

January: Soul Purpose - Throat Chakra

February: Sexuality - Sacral Chakra

March: Abundance - Solar Plexus Chakra

April: Awakening - Third Eye & Crown Chakras

May: Connection to Earth - Root Chakra

June: Living Life Epic  - Heart Chakra

July: Emotional Release - Anger emotional body opening 1

August: Emotional Release - Sadness emotional body opening 2

September: Illusion & Ego Awareness

October: Breaking Cycles of Trauma (lower Chakras)

November: Joy & Gratitude (higher Chakras)

December: Ceremony - integrate all chakra energy centers, emotional body, the mind & intuitive consciousness

1992-2010 Sharing Circles & Meditation

If you are someone that participated in spiritual community with Deb Musgrave (now known as Swara) between the years of 1992 - 2010, Swara will be hosting private Sharing Circles & Meditations for you.

In 2011 I stopped participating in spiritual community we once knew. Since that time, I've integrated back into mainstream society, achieved success in business, but most importantly I dissected our experiences to sort out the powerful, spiritual benefits from the dynamics that caused spiritual trauma and disappointment for so many.

It's my intention to create a safe space to explore and heal from these experiences and come together and meditate to music, transform and be uplifted by each other.

  • Heal by listening to each other's stories

  • Release unwanted resentment and other forms of negativity

  • Harvest the riches waiting for us because of the devotion we gave


If you are interested in participating in the "1992-2010" Sharing Circles & Meditations please email