Sharing Circle & Meditation

  • Explore your "Soul Purpose"

  • Increase your Spiritual abilities

  • Activate your energy centers

  • Develop your ability to live in your highest purpose

  • Practice being present

  • Deepen your capacity to be a compassionate empath

Spend some time in compassionate inquiry, exploring deeper topics, saying things we usually don't have space to say in a judge-free zone. All that is required, is a desire to increase your quality of life so you can experience a release of unwanted energies that do not serve you.

Then be immersed in Sound Healing by Yogi-SwaraBass OrbitTravesdyI2C2 Music and Spotted Peccary Music infused with Somatic movement lead by Swara and ending in stillness meditation.

email to register for these events.

Suggested donation: $25


Doing the Work Program

Each Month we explore different themes in our Sharing Circles and Meditations as well as Global Love Fest, Wake-Up! & Dance in the Park participation. This is closed circle for the remainder of 2022. 


Please email if you are interested in participating in future programs.

1992-2010 Sharing Circles & Meditation

If you are someone that participated in spiritual community with Deb Musgrave (now known as Swara) between the years of 1992 - 2010, Swara will be hosting private Sharing Circles & Meditations for you.

It's my intention to create a safe space to explore and heal; come together (virtually and in-person when it is safe) and meditate to music, transform and be uplifted by each other.

  • Heal by listening to each other's stories

  • Release unwanted resentment and other forms of negativity

  • Harvest the riches waiting for us because of our dedication and heart of unconditional love and giving.


If you are interested in participating in the "1992-2010" Sharing Circles & Meditations please email