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Enlighten-Up!® Retreat 

with Yogi-Swara

  • During this weekend retreat you will have the opportunity to go within and explore many dynamic realms that exist within you

  • Receive help coping with intense emotions that some are referring to as Shadow Work such as fear, confusion, anger, loss, resentment, blame, etc.

  • You will receive unique meditation techniques and and deep transformation

  • Learn a unique mixture of different modalities into one powerful experience


Applications are DUE  Sunday, July 17, 2022

Email for important details

about the event and request and application. 

Once your applications are received and approved, payment of $395 for the weekend experience is due before registration closes on Tuesday, July 23, 2022.

Your full participation from beginning to end will be asked of you.

What we know how to do is, create a sacred, safe space for transformation. Benevolent, Divine Source of Love does the rest. With decades of experience, Swara and her facilitators rest in humble confidence of an inner, deep knowing of what Truth feels like. No confusion. And if confusion comes into our space, we know how to re-situate ourselves in clarity at a rapid rate. Confusion is illusion. We are here to assist others in learning how to use meditation to become clear; free from confusion. It's a process and it takes time. It is our greatest honor and highest purpose to create a space where others can experience states of enlightenment through meditation.  Enlightenment is not an end game or something in which we get certified. 

Enlightenment is a journey with periodic blasts of awakenings and daily realizations.


The Enlighten-Up! Retreat offers a safe space to transform and and be filled with healing love and light.

From here, a true healing can happen. And there are many souls crying out for healing. These souls are vulnerable. Become aware and use discretion when choosing what healers you allow into your space.  We are calling out to the souls that do not want to be confused. For the souls that want enlightenment. True awareness, not opinion. Let's come together, meditate, heal and increase our collective awareness.

Let's Enlighten-Up!

Love, Swara 

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