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Coming in 2024:

  • Sacred Dance Sundays ONLINE
  • Godcast podcast
  • Sex, God & Rock-n-Roll podcast
  • Enlighten Up! Performing Arts
  • Weekly Wake-Up! & Dance ONLINE

Wake-Up! & Dance.

🌟Learn how elevate your energy in a short period of time

🌟Find freedom of expression for all different body types

🌟Discover a passion for meditation

🌟Experience the profound impact regular meditation can make in your life

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a newcomer to sober transformational experiences, you can immerse yourself in the essence of yogic teachings and practices that cultivate the embodiment of these benevolent qualities:

*Love *Joy *Peace *Patience *Kindness *Generosity *Faithfulness *Gentleness *Self-control

What people are saying:

"The Meditation Challenge was the beginning of a practice that I sustained for the entire year. Now that we're at the beginning of a new year, I am committed to continuing this wonderful life changing practice that I can do anytime, anywhere to find a grounded and peaceful place within. Thank you!" Janey G., Food Bank of the Rockies


" I have attended many events with Denver Meditation Center and Swara.  I have to say that a lifetime of attending different meditation events, this was by far the most beneficial to me.  There are many aspects I think which contributed to my experience being so beneficial.  The music, the calming space, the clean food, etc. However, the most impactful aspect for me was Swara herself.  The openness and safe space she provides is extremely healing for me.  It is her style, love and commitment that allows clients, like myself, to open, accept, grow and love ourselves and the changes we need/want to make.  

I have also participated in her Wake up and Dance mediation.  It has been the habit that I would love to have every morning!  Swara has been instrumental in my journey towards self awareness, self preservation and self love.  Thank you Swara for YOU!" ~Monique N., Realtor


"The guidance during the meditation took me to places that I've never been before." ~Michael B., Film Maker at Blissfest


"Wow! I laughed, I cried, I was amazed! The part about my family rocked me to my core, and I've been hearing all three of the women I live with (wife and two daughters) in a wholly different way! Thank You SO Much!" ~Zach W., Music Teacher at I2C2 Music

My life has been dedicated to finding
full self-realization in this lifetime and creating music for meditation.

Music is the language of the soul.
Meditation is medicine ~Swara
(303) 551-1994

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Upcoming Events

  • 🕉🙏🏼🎉Sacred Dance Sundays LIVE streamed on YouTube
    🕉🙏🏼🎉Sacred Dance Sundays LIVE streamed on YouTube
    Sun, Mar 03
    Virtual Event - YouTube
    Mar 03, 2024, 11:11 AM – 12:34 PM MST
    Virtual Event - YouTube
    Mar 03, 2024, 11:11 AM – 12:34 PM MST
    Virtual Event - YouTube
    Generating a Culture of LOVE * Original and DJ'd music by Swara * Inspirations and Storytelling * 1-Hour Wake-Up! & Dance experience

Denver Meditation Center is an international hub of spiritual leaders and seekers, cultivating LOVE in a safe space; exploring different ways to connect with God/Spirit, and experiencing elevated states of consciousness.

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