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We are a CommUnity of Transdenominational, Interfaith, Compassionate, Caring, Kind, Aware and Inclusive Seekers of Truth.

What people are saying:
"Wow! I laughed, I cried, I was amazed! The part about my family rocked me to my core, and I've been hearing all three of the women I live with (wife and two daughters) in a wholly different way! Thank You SO Much!" ~Zach W, Music Teacher

"The Enlighten Up! Retreat has been life changing and I'm super excited to keep doing this meditation." Monique N, Realtor

"The guidance during the meditation took me to places that I've never been before." Michael B, Film Maker

Enlighten Up! ® Retreat Online
Shadow Work / Light Work
January 11 Orientation
January 14 - 16, 2022
Wake-Up! & Dance
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My life has been dedicated to creating music to go beyond the mind and into our Hearts.

Music is the language of the soul.

Meditation is medicine.

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Aug 07, 10:00 AM

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